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--> Jun06 // stay like this, on the hills (CAS90min)

Boards Of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy
Ulrich SChnauss - On My Own
Air - Run
Tortoise - Salt The Skies
Skalpel - Break In (Backini RMX)
Grey Area - Modular Drift
Chemical Brothers - The Test
Postal Service - We Will Become Silhouttes
Barbara Morgenstern - Polar
Apparat - Komponent

Electric President - Metal Fingers
Ms. John Soda - Misco
Leander - Idaho
Guido Möbius - Kurbel
Pleasant Grove - Impossible
Why? - Early Whitney
Alias - Unseen Sights
Mogwai - Friend Of The Night
Seidenmatt - Thuwe Pt.2
Calexico - Hot Rail

--> Mai05 // my ego is like my stomach it keeps shiting what i feed it (CAS90min)

The Get Up Kids - A Newfound Interes In Massachusetts
Marr - Try Not T Get Lost
Ostzonensuppenwürfelmachenkrebs - Von Haus Aus Allein
Starmarket - Last Verse
Lights At Amber - Pictures Of A Summernight
Luke - L'établissement Du Pop
Rusticate - Rearcover
Three.Minute.Poetry. - The Road
Hidalgo - Rhubarb
Jet Set Ready - Hatchet's My Name
Hot Water Music - Jet Set Ready
Boxhamsters - T-61
No Comply - Background Action

North Of America - Keep It On The Download
Cursive - The Martyr
New End Original - Hostage
Sounds Like Violence - Perfect
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Worlds Apart
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
Badly Drawn Boy - Another Devil Dies
Gammalapagos - This is What I Feel For You But Don't Ask Me Why
Delbo - Panorama
Kam As - Creature Tango
Elliott Smith - Coast To Coast

--> aug04 // abc (CAS90min)

Against Me! - Unsubstantiated Rumors...
Blink 182 - Stockholm
Cursive - The Great Decay
Dogwood - 1983
Eels - Flyswatter
The Flying Windmill - Yellow Bus
Guided By Voices - Everywhere With Helicopters
HorrorPops - Miss Take
Interpol - PDA
Jets to Brazil - One Summer Last Fall
Kid Kilowatt - The Scope
Luke - Eve And Tom
Muff Potter - Vom Streichholz Und Den Motten

New End Original - Hostage
Onlinedrawing - Over It
Prevent Falls - The Woods Are Burning
Queens Of The Stone Age - No One Knows
Rusticate - As The Sun Refuses To Rise
Standstill - Let Them Burn
Time Spent Driving - Angel And I
Unbounded - A Place To Hide From Impressions
Valina - Dance Your Job
Weezer - My Evaline
Xsense - War's Das Schon
Yes - Masquerade
Zornik - Hey Girl

--> jun04 // raphael (CD74min)

Dogwood - 1983
Blink 182 - Violence
Solea - Leaving Today
That Very Time I Saw - At A Seasons End
Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue
Seville - Reformer
Nada Surf - Popular
Tocotronic - Hi Freaks
Kante - Die Summer Der Einzelnen Teile
Sportfreunde Stiller - Heimatlied

Marr - Our Fashion Is Your Fashion
Weezer - Surf Wax America
Pale - Goodbye Trouble
Moneybrother - Reconsider Me
Motorpsycho - Serpentine (Singel Edit)
Reiziger - Windows Of The World
Maple - On The Bright Side
Amanda Rogers - Sophia
Slut - Hope

--> mai04 // i am the killer tape (CAS90min)

Refused - Rather Be Dead
This Day Forward - White Picket Defense System
Jr Ewing - The Exact Same Thing
The Juliana Theory - To The Tune Of 5000 Screaming Children
Kashmir - Ramparts
Snapcase - ID/Hindsight
Hopesfall - The Blending
Face Tomorrow - Worth The Wait
Hell Is For Hereos - You, Me And A Whole Lotta Funk
The Gloria Record - Cinema Air

Tagtraum - Ich Will Die Welt
Achtung! Kabel - Scheisse
Arereogramme -"track13"
And The Winner Is - Green Trees In The Sun Will Never..
Pale - I See You But Won't Stay Home
Bright Eyes - Bowl Of Ornages
Slut - Cloudy Day
The Weakerthans - Letter Of Resignation
The Starting Point - Left Coast Envy
Starmarket - Safe Bayou
Jimmy Eat World - My Sundown

--> jan04 // lennart (CAS90min)

Thursday - A0001
Alexisonfire - 44. Caliber Love Letter
A Perfect Circle - The Package
Aereogramme - Post-Tour, Pre-Judgement
Thrice - So Strange I Remember You
The Notwist - The Incredible Change Of Our Alien
This Day Forward - Writing Cursive
JR Ewing - Sweet
Snapcase - Dress Rehearsal
Slut - Cloudy Day
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Mistakes & Regrets

Favez - Emmanuel Hall
Luke - Eve And Tom
Joshua - Piss On Your Parade
Four Roses - Both Of Us
The Flying Windmill - Yellow Bus
And The Winner Is - No Horse, No Gun, No Wife.. Poor Guy
The Weakerthans - Letter Of Resignation
Last Days Of April - Slow Down
Unkle - Lonely Soul
Dredg - Lechium
Coldplay - Parachutes

--> aug03 // after the midnight (CD80min)

Athlete - El Salvador
Mad Caddies - Last Breath
Satanic Surfers - Don't Fade Away
NOFX - Love Story
Benjamin Biolay - Billy Bobo A Raison
New End Original - 14-41
Payola - The Unsung Heroes Of El Salvador Aren't Unsung Anymore
Superdrag - Keep it Close To Me
Jimmy Eat World - A Sunday
Time Spent Driving - The Reason I Stay
The White Stripes - I Want To Be The Boy
Taking Back Sunday - Great Romances Of The 20th Century
The Notwist - Chemicals
Colorblind feat. DJ Spider & Jun Matsuoka - Nu Swing!
Lonnie Liston Smith - Expansions
Swinger Club - Techno
Koop - Summer Sun
Peterlicht - Sonnendeck

--> my origins..

--> endless spin of apocalypse

--> jun03 // B-Town (CD 74min) (die kassettenversion ist leider verschollen)

Bob Dylan - Knockin' On Heavens Door
The Gloria Record - Torch Yourself
Dashboard Confessional - For You To Notice
Time Spent Driving - The Reason I Stay
Thursday - Autobiography of A Nation
Dredg - Yatahaze
Aereogramme - "track13"
Refused - Protest Song '68
At The Drive-In - One Armed Scissor
Tocotronic - Ich Möchte Irgendetwas Für Dich Sein
Jimmy Eat World - My Sundown

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